Joe LoGalbo’s Anabolic Running Review

anabolic running review joe logalbo

Anabolic Running Review: Who is Joe LoGalbo’s Program Good For?

If you’re wondering whether Joe LoGalbo’s workout program called Anabolic Running is right for you, then this Anabolic Running review will help you make your decision.

Below, I’ve given a complete review of the program in 4 different sections. At the end of this review, I also give my final thoughts on the program, as well as a final tally.


Anabolic Running


Joe LoGalbo

Author Credibility

Upon doing some research, I found that Joe LoGalbo is a personal trainer the United States of America.  He used to run large bootcamps and train hundreds of clients per year, and got them some incredible results using Anabolic Running as his methods.

LoGalbo’s story is an interesting one.  Before he was a trainer, he was a marathon runner.  Like most people, he started doing long distance running to get fit.  When he didn’t see great results from long-distance running, he turned to competing in marathons.  He thought that because he wasn’t getting results on his own, then he needed to take it up a notch and then he’d be finally happy with his body.  He wasn’t.

In fact, from running marathons, he started feeling tired, skinny, and weak.  He lost his sex drive, and his wife almost left him.  He went to the doctor, and was diagnosed with having low-testosterone and the doctor recommended testosterone replacement therapy.  This shocked LoGalbo, because he was only in his 20’s.  He should be at his physical peak, but instead he was at the lowest of lows.

He did some research, and he found a study that there was a typing of running you could do that boosts growth hormone by 530%.  He learned this type of running, perfected it, and Anabolic Running was born.

Just take a look at this picture of Joe before and after using Anabolic Running:

joe logalbo anabolic running results

As you can see, LoGalbo is jacked.  Most people would love to have a physique with him.  Doing some more research about Joe, it turns out he is a AFPA Sports Conditioning Specialist along with being a personal trainer.  This means he trains real athletes everyday using anabolic running.

Since Joe is a trainer, specializes in training athletes, and is jacked, this speaks highly of his credibility.

In other words, Joe knows his stuff.

Author Credibility Score: 9/10

The Program

Why Was Anabolic Running Made?

I already expanded on this above, but Joe LoGalbo discovered Anabolic Running because if he didn’t, he was going to lose his marriage.

When he was starting to get into fitness, he ran long distances, and competed in marathons.  The training for a marathon is intense, and he thought that it would give him the results he wanted with his body: a lean, jacked, physique that women love and men are jealous of.  Instead, he just got skinny and weak.  His testosterone dropped, he lost his sex drive, and his wife felt like he was turning into a woman before her eyes.  This was close to destroying their marriage when Joe decided he needed to change, and discovered a study from The University Of North Carolina. It confirmed that participants exposed to Anabolic Running for  30-seconds experienced a 530% increase in growth hormone.

LoGalbo started playing with this Anabolic Running method and perfected it.  He used it on himself to feel like a man again, and it saved his marriage.

Now, I know this sounds like some kind of marketing BS, but I talked to Joe and his wife in person, and they confirmed it.  I thought it was a lie, but not I’m biting my tongue on this one and telling you that the story is true.

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Program Components

Anabolic Running by Joe LoGalbo consists of the following components:

  1. Anabolic Running Main Program
  2. Bonus: Shock and Awe Strength
  3. Bonus: Testosterone Hacker Handbook
  4. Bonus: Indoor Anabolic Running

With this system, you get everything you need to use Anabolic Running to build masculine body oozing with testosterone and growth hormone.

To tell you the truth, the main program has everything you need in order to add Anabolic Running to your current workout program.  This means you can use Anabolic Running with any program you are doing.  It’s not really a stand-alone program, which I think is genius.  This means you can do whatever program you want, and still use Anabolic Running in your arsenal when you want to strip the fat and increase growth hormone and testosterone.

The main program is great on its own and it’s all you really need, but he also included some bonuses to make getting Anabolic Running a no-brainer, which I think was a cool idea.

The first bonus is Shock and Awe Strength is a 6-minute exercise sequence you can do at home with your own bodyweight in order to build dense muscle and strength.  The great thing about these workouts is they are short, but very intense.  I used them for the past 2 weeks along with Anabolic Running (yes, I actually did the program before reviewing) and my wife noticed that my chest, arms, and shoulders looked bigger.

The Testosterone Hacker Handbook was a pleasant surprise.  He included 41 hacks that he used to boost his own testosterone.  Now, I’ll admit, I already own The Man Diet, so I know how to build testosterone naturally, but there were still a few gems that I learned, so this was a nice bonus to include, even for me. (If you’re interested in learning about The Man Diet, check out The Man Diet Review by yours truly).

Lastly, I found myself using the Indoor Anabolic Running a lot.  I live in Minnesota, and it gets cold here.  This past winter, I couldn’t get outside to do my Anabolic Running, so I found myself using the Indoor Anabolic Running from Joe (hint: it’s NOT just running on a treadmill, it’s actually a very cool bodyweight sequence).  If you’re someone who lives in a place where the weather sucks, then this bonus will be super helpful to you.

anabolic running review joe logalbo


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Who is Anabolic Running for?


Anabolic Running is for guys who want to get leaner, increase testosterone and growth hormone, and strip away some fat to reveal the abs.  If these are your goals, then Anabolic Running is for you (I’m sure this is why you wanted to read this Anabolic Running Review: to find out if it’s for you).

I wouldn’t recommend Anabolic Running for women or for people who have hip, knee, or ankle pain.  If you’re in pain, go to a physiotherapist and get your problem fixed before using Anabolic Running.  On top of this, if you’re the type of guy who loves long distance running or going to yoga, I wouldn’t recommend this for you either.  It’s for guys who want to look jacked, lean, strong, and athletic.

It’s a simple program, but it works.

Program Component Score: 8.5/10

Has Anabolic Running Created Real World Results?

This is where things get kind of funny.  Joe LoGalbo only has two testimonials from Anabolic Running: himself (pictured above) and this client:

anabolic running client results

With that being said, these results are insane.  The guy above got super lean with Anabolic Running.  You also have a third testimonial, from me.  I used it for 2-weeks straight, and my wife noticed a big difference in my size and leanness.  On top of this, I started sleeping better, and I had more energy throughout the day.  I’m 35, and I felt 25 again.  That was a great feeling.

I think the reason he only has a couple testimonials is because the program is brand new.  Maybe in a few months, he’ll update the page with more testimonials.

On top of this, Anabolic Running is based on a few studies showing that Anabolic Running increases growth hormone, fat loss, and testosterone.  This means it’s easier to lose fat, build muscle, get stronger, and most importantly, look and feel amazing.

Results Score: 8.5/10

Comparison to Other Programs

You are probably reading this Anabolic Running review to figure out if it’s the real deal, which is fine, but I still wanted to compare it to other programs.  There are no other programs like Joe LoGalbo’s Anabolic Running on the market.  He’s the first one to come up with such a simple concept.

With that being said, there are a few programs which I think would go really well with Anabolic Running:


If I had to choose a price I would pay to use Joe LoGalbo’s Anabolic Running, I think the maximum I would pay before refunding would be around $60-70.  Don’t get me wrong, the program is simple, and at first it seems so simple that you might feel ripped off.  But once you do the program for 2-weeks, you just feel ripped and the program is totally worth it.  Using it, I feel like I’m in my 20’s again, which is an amazing feeling.  So if you can get it for under $60-$70, definitely do it.  If it’s over, wait for it to go on sale.  As I’m writing this, there is a pre-release sale going on on this page for only $15:

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Price Score: 9.5 (if on sale for under $70)

Final Thoughts

Anabolic Running by Joe LoGalbo is a program for guys who want to get leaner, increase the potential for muscle growth, and increase testosterone and growth hormone.  All the workouts are short, but intense, and can be done outside, inside, or at the gym.  You can use the program with another other workout program, and it will maximize your results.

If you’re a woman, or a guy who likes long distance running or yoga, then this program is not for you.

In the end, the price is fair, and the program is simple and it works very well.  I used it for 2-weeks and my wife noticed that I was leaner and that my chest, arms, and shoulders looked more jacked.  On top of this, I felt 10 years younger.  I hope you found this Anabolic Running Review to be helpful, if you think the program is for you, then I highly recommend it.

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Anabolic Running Review
  • Author Credibility - 9/10
  • Component Score - 8.5/10
  • Results Score - 8.5/10
  • Price Score - 9.5/10