Andrew Raposo’s 4 Minute Fighter Abs Review


Who is Andrew Raposo’s Program Good For?

If you’re wondering whether Andrew Raposo’s workout program called 4 Minute Fighter Abs is right for you, then this review will help you make your decision.

Below, I’ve given a complete review of the program in 4 different sections. At the end of this review, I also give my final thoughts on the program, as well as a final tally.


4 Minute Fighter Abs


Andrew Raposo

Author Credibility

Andrew Raposo has an interesting history.  Before he was a personal trainer, he was a martial artist.  A lot of fitness professionals say they do martial arts, but Andrew was actually a champion in Muay Thai and Boxing.  He’s a North American Muay Thai champion, and he’s a 2-Time Provincial Gold Medalist in boxing.

Fighters have to know how to build a great core and 6-pack.  After all, you need to be able to take a punch without getting winded.  Your sport depends on it.  Here’s a photo of Andrew when he was competing in muay thai:

andrew raposo fighter abs

As you can see in the photo above, while Andrew isn’t totally jacked, his best body part is his abs.  He’s built like a fighter, not a bodybuilder, and he has a solid six pack.

Upon doing further research, I discovered that Andrew is certified under Strongfirst.  Strongfirst is the leading kettlebell organization, and to be able to pass their certification, you need to do a 100 kettlebell snatches in under 5 minutes with a 24kg kettlebell.  This isn’t some bullshit certification.  It’s the real deal.  I’ve taken courses with Strongfirst instructors, and they know how to contract their core better than anyone I’ve ever met.

Since Andrew is both a professional fighter and a kettlebell expert, he knows how to get you a six pack very quickly.

In summary, Andrew Raposo is the real deal.

Author Credibility Score: 9.5/10

The Program

Why Was 4 Minute Fighter Abs Made?

When Andrew started personal training, he was training his clients with his 4-minute abs routine that he’d use when he was fighting professionally.  All of his clients started getting great results.  Eventually, he became known in the fitness community as the guy to go to when you wanted a six pack.  “Oh, you want a six pack?  Go talk to Raposo.  He’ll give you some fighter exercises.”

In the personal training community in Toronto, people started talking.  He was popping up everywhere.  The community is a funny one; trainers work together and ask each other for help.  After all, trainers want to get their clients the best results possible.  Many trainers started asking Andrew for help with ab exercises for their clients.  Long story short, Andrew created fighter abs for the personal trainers to use with their clients.  He then realized that if he sold his program to the public, he’d be able to help everyone all over the world build a great set of fighter abs.  And that’s exactly how 4 Minute Fighter Abs was created.

You can buy 4 Minute Fighter Abs on sale by clicking this link.

Program Components

4 Minute Fighter Abs by Andrew Raposo consists of the following components:

  1. Follow Along Workout Videos (3 Phase System)
  2. Lower Ab Exercise Video Library
  3. Fighter Abs Blueprint Manual

With this system, you get everything you need to get a 6 pack.  In the follow along workout videos, you can do the workouts at home in your own living room.  All you have to do is watch the video and workout with Andrew as if he’s training you personally.  The best part is that the workouts are very short (4 minutes to be exact), and they can be done with little to no equipment.

There is a bit of a problem with 4 minute workouts though.  These workouts work great for building a 6 pack, but that’s it.  If you want to build the rest of your body, you’ll need to do another program in combination with 4 Minute Fighter abs.  After reviewing the program, if you want to build your entire body with an incredible six pack, then you should do a full body workout, and then use the 4 Minute Fighter Abs workouts as a finisher.  Or you can do 4 Minute Fighter Abs on your off day.  If you don’t care about the rest of your body and only want a 6 pack, then this program will be your saviour.

As a bonus, he also included an exercise video library for people who are trying to target their lower abs.  I know a lot of people that suffer from bodyfat below their bellybutton, so these exercises are ones that they can do to target that.

Lastly, he’s included a Blueprint Manual.  This is for people who want to print off the workouts and bring them to the gym.  It also describes the workouts and why they are so effective.



You can buy 4 Minute Fighter Abs on sale by clicking this link.

Who is 4 Minute Fighter Abs for?


What I like about 4 Minute Fighter Abs is that Andrew made it for everyone of all levels.  There are progressions that get harder and harder.  So even if you’re a beginner or advanced, you can use 4 Minute Fighter Abs.

On the sales page, Andrew even states that the program is for you even if:

  • You have no time to exercise
  • You lack motivation
  • You think you’re too old
  • You have bad genetics
  • You have an injury
  • You don’t want to get bulky

Essentially, if you want a 6 pack, then 4 Minute Fighter Abs is for you.

Program Component Score: 8.5/10

Has 4 Minute Fighter Abs Created Real World Results?

After researching 4 Minute Fighter Abs, I’ve found that tons of people are using it, and they’re getting great results. It’s essentially the same movements that fighters like Georges St. Pierre and Ronda Rousey are using to build their abs.

On top of this, Andrew’s clients have some pretty incredible testimonials from using the program.  His one client, Josh, lost 65lbs of fat in just 3 months and got in incredible shape:

Josh 4 minute fighter abs

This isn’t just a special case.  Many of his clients are giving incredible testimonials on this page.

I asked Andrew if all of these results are typical, and he actually said “no, they’re not”.  He then revealed to me that many people buy his programs, but then never open it or watch the videos.  This skews the results.  But, if people do the program as written, they’ll get in incredible shape.  It’s all about commitment to the program.  Luckily, his program only takes 4 minutes.

Results Score: 9.5/10

Comparison to Other Programs

There are a lot of programs on the market for 6-packs, but Andrew’s is the only one I’ve found that is designed to build a six pack like a professional fighter.  This makes the program unique and fun.  The fact that people can get a six pack from a 4 minute workout blows my mind, and somehow Andrew’s program works.

Other great six pack programs similar to 4 Minute Fighter Abs are:



Price is where Andrew Raposo’s 4 Minute Fighter Abs shines.  It’s currently on sale for only $9 via THIS LINK.  This is a crazy good deal for follow along videos.  The retail price of the program is $97, so a sales price of $9 is a no brainer if you want to get a 6 pack.  To tell you the truth, I don’t even know how he can make money on this program for this price.  His loss is your benefit.

Price Score: 10

Final Thoughts


4 Minute Fighter Abs is a great program for people who don’t have a lot of time to workout, and love to workout at home.  It’s very simple and bare bones.  It’ll get you a 6 pack.  Nothing more, nothing less.

The big benefit is you’re using very effective ab exercises used by professional fighters.  This is why you can get away with doing a short 4-minute workout.  You can also do the program as a workout finisher to your regular workouts.  Since it’s so short, anyone can do the program, regardless of your concerns.  In the end, if you want a 6 pack, I recommend it.

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  • Author Credibility - 9.5/10
  • Components - 8.5/10
  • Results - 9.5/10
  • Price - 10/10