John Romaniello’s Omega Body Blueprint Review

omega body blueprint review


Who is John Romaniello’s Program Good For?

If you’re wondering whether John Romaniello’s workout program called Omega Body Blueprint is right for you, then this review will help you make your decision. Below, I’ve given a complete review of the program in 4 different sections. At the end of this review, I also give my final thoughts on the program, as well as a final tally.


Omega Body Blueprint


John Romaniello

Author Credibility

John Romaniello is so full of credibility that he has it running out of his ears.  After all, just look at a picture of him:


It’s obvious that he knows how to get lean.  Based on my research, I found that John was a chubby geek until he turned 20.  At around this time, he decided to transform his body for a transformation contest with  He ended up winning.  Year after year, he perfected his body and started a modelling career.  In other words, he knows how to look good great naked.

On top of this, John is a best selling author for his book, Engineering the Alpha; which has a 4 star review on  On top of this, Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote the foreword to that book, and now, John is on the advisory board for

In my research, I also discovered a crazy story about John.  He had a client that he was working with online for months.  This client was Daniel Ketchell – Arnold Schwarzenegger’s right hand man.  Arnold would sometimes go to the gym with Ketchell, and they’d use the workouts that John wrote.  So in a way, you could say that John trained Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In other words, John knows his stuff.

Author Credibility Score: 10/10

The Program

Why Was Omega Body Blueprint Made?


In fitness, it’s harder to lose those last 5lbs oppose to the first 50lbs.  Anyone who’s tried to get lean knows this.  Most people can get to 12-15% bodyfat, but then they start to hit a plateau.  Your body resists you getting leaner.  It doesn’t want to be lean.  It’s evolved to keep body fat on you in times of famine.  In other words, it’s a survival mechanism for an old life that we don’t live anymore.

You really only know how to lose those last 5-10 lbs and get lean if you’ve done it before.  John was a fitness model, and he had to get and stay lean for long periods of time.  He realized that there isn’t really a fool-proof guide out there that will allow you to lose those last 5 lbs and get extremely lean, so he created the Omega Body Blueprint.

Program Components

The Omega Body Blueprint by John Romaniello consists of the following components:

  1. Training Manual
  2. Workout Charts
  3. Nutrition Calculator
  4. Nutrition Manual
  5. Supplement Guide
  6. Quick-Start Checklist

The Omega Body Blueprint comes with everything you need to succeed on the program.  The training manual tells you John’s story, as well as gives you the whole layout of the 6-week plan.  Realistically, you could read this manual and and the nutrition manual and succeed.

The nutrition manual is probably the most important part of this program.  After all, it’s nutrition that will allow you to lose fat.  Just a warning though, the program is tough.  It involves eating very low calories, and focusing more on “clean” foods.  The good news is that the program only lasts for 6 weeks, so it’s only 6 weeks of dedicating yourself to the program, and then you’ll get the results.  Combine this with the nutrition calculator, and it’ll automatically tell you how many calories, and macronutrients you should be eating daily.

The workout charts are basically printable workouts that you can take to the gym with you.  The workouts are surprisingly fun, and you’ll find yourself sweating like crazy in the gym.

Lastly, you get the quick-start checklist, which is essentially a pointless PDF that just tells you to read the book etc.  But, if you follow the checklist, you will get the results, so that’s a bonus.

Essentially, you get the bare bones minimum amount of components to get the results you want.  Any other things you think you might need, you can upgrade your order after purchasing.


omega body blueprint review


Grab it now by clicking here.

Who is Omega Body Blueprint for?

Omega Body Blueprint is for anyone who wants to get lean.  It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, this program will strip the fat off of you in 6-weeks.  With that being said, it’s not for everyone.  The program is very tough, and if you follow it, it’ll melt the stubborn body fat.  If you can’t dedicate to doing the workouts and nutrition (which is strict), then you shouldn’t do the program.  With that being said, the kind of people using this program are already relatively lean, but they want to get to some extreme leanness.  These are the type of people who will dedicate themselves to the program.

Program Component Score: 9/10

Has Omega Body Blueprint Created Real World Results?

Of course.  If you just look at the testimonials on this page, you can see that John’s programs work.  On top of this, John Romaniello uses this exact method to get himself lean for photoshoots.

With that being said, there aren’t a ton of testimonials on the page.  Only a few.  I think this is because the program is new, and they haven’t tested it on a large group of people yet.  With that being said, John has a huge portfolio of testimonials and success pictures showing his clients’ progress, and it’s super impressive.


Results Score: 9/10

Comparison to Other Programs


There are many fat loss programs out there, but most of these programs are based on losing your first 20-50 lbs.  None of them talk about what to do to get to extreme leanness.  I think it’s great the John Romaniello has created something new that everyone needs, but didn’t exist until now.  Basically, this means I can’t really compare it to any other programs, because it’s the one of its kind.



Currently, Omega Body Blueprint is on sale for $27.  This is pretty low for a 6-week program.  It ends up being $4.5 per week.  Anyone can save $4.5 per week (homeless people probably make this in a couple hours of begging on the streets).  The regular price for the program is $97.  At this price range, I’d be tempted to pass on the program, simply because it’s bare bones.  It really depends on how much I wanted the program, but at $27, it’s a steal.

Price Score: 9.5

Final Thoughts


Omega Body Blueprint is a unique program, and one of it’s kind.  It promises to melt the stubborn body fat and get you to extreme leanness (by losing the last 5 lbs).  The author is basically a rock star in the fitness industry, and he’s known to create programs that work like gangbusters.  The results are great, and at a sale price of $27, it’s a steal for the great body you can build in return.  The only downfall to the program is that it’s tough and intense.  Workouts are fun, but challenging, and the nutrition program will have you feeling deprived – but I think that’s expected when you’re getting to extreme leanness.  Your end result is worth the 6-week sacrifice, because your body will look amazing.

Grab your copy of Omega Body Blueprint by clicking HERE.

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  • Author Credibility - 10/10
  • Program Components - 9/10
  • Results - 9/10
  • Price - 9.5/10