Debbie Anderson’s Over 30 Hormone Solution Review

Debbie Asperjan Over 30 Hormone Solution Review

Over 30 Hormone Solution Review: Who is Debbie Anderson’s Program Good For?

If you’re wondering whether or not Debbie Anderson’s program called Over 30 Hormone Solution is right for you, then this Over 30 Hormone Solution review will help you make your decision.

Below, I’ve given a complete review of the program. Plus, at the end of the review, I’ve given my final thoughts, how it stands up against other programs like it, and an overall score (out of 10) for Over 30 Hormone Solution.


Over 30 Hormone Solution


Debbie Anderson, Marissa Anderson

Author Credibility

Debbie Anderson isn’t a doctor or trainer. She’s the first woman whose life was changed using Over 30 Hormone Solution. After having her third child, she had a hard time controlling her weight. When she tried losing weight, she injured her leg and fell into a frustrating pattern of late night snacking. No matter what she tried, she only gained more weight. Eventually she her sex drive slowed down to nothing and she became depressed.

Then, tragedy struck. She had a Transient Ischemic Attack in her kitchen, which is also considered a Mini Stroke. The doctor then told Debbie that her blood pressure and cholesterol levels were high. To make matters worse, she was a type II diabetic.

That’s when the doctor gave her grim news: “Debbie, I’m sorry to tell you this but if you don’t lose at least 47 pounds in the next 7 weeks. You are very likely at risk for another stroke….. and your next stroke may kill you”

Just a few days later, Debbie caught her husband cheating on her. And she was ready to give up. That’s when she got a call from her daughter, Marissa. 

Marissa Anderson was just returning from a trip to a Blue Zone in Asia where the world’s healthiest and longest living people reside. There was a special combination of herbs that all the women on this island in Asia ate which they claimed is the reason their average life expectancy was 86 years old. 

After using this combination of herbs, Debbie lost 2 lbs. overnight. And the weight kept coming off until she was a happier, healthier and hotter version of herself. That’s when Debbie and Marissa Anderson knew they had to get these recipes out to the world — and created the Over 30 Hormone Solution.

Author Credibility Score: 8/10

The Program

Why Was Over 30 Hormone Solution created?

Over 30 Hormone Solution was originally created to help Marissa Anderson’s mom, Debbie, lose almost 4-dozen pounds in just weeks to save her life after a Mini Stroke. (see story above). 

Marissa discovered the amazingly simple (yet almost miraculous) herbal recipes featured in this program while studying in Blue Zones in Asia. A Blue Zone is a region of the world where people live much longer than the average. They’re typically a lot leaner and healthier as well. 

Marissa suggested these recipes to her mother because she had sustained an injury while exercising and couldn’t workout while recovering. Yet, she kept piling on the weight because her metabolism was running very slowly and hormonal imbalances were adding inches to her waist, neck and face. Debbie was in desperate need for a solution, but nothing she tried worked. 

There are many women who face this same struggle as Debbie. Yet the herbal recipes from Asia (featured in the program), helped her go from 210 pounds to 132 pounds in 8 weeks, at age 53. And she did it all without a strict diet or exercise. Plus, the doctor was blown away when her high blood pressure, cholesterol and type II diabetes vanished in 2 months.

After discovering the power of these remedies for herself, Debbie and Marissa set out to help as many women as possible get a second chance at life — whether that’s losing 10, 20, or even 100+ pounds, reversing a difficult diagnosis, or just looking younger and feeling more confident. That’s why they created Over 30 Hormone Solution.

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Program Components

Over 30 Hormone Solution by Debbie Anderson and Marissa Anderson consists of the following components:

  1. The Over 30 Hormone Solution Handbook
  2. The Over 30 Hormone Solution 21-Day Quick Start Guide
  3. The Advanced 60 Second Hormone Reset Flow
  4. Bonus: Free Copy of 5 Minutes To Look Younger Anti-Aging Workout DVD

Over 30 Hormone Solution is a very simple yet effective remedy for hormonal imbalances, unwanted weight gain and just wanting to feel better. In fact, one of the best parts is its simplicity. 

Still, Debbie and Marissa wanted to give you more than just recipes. They wanted to explain how your hormones work. The first section is all about hormones. They teach you what hormones are, how they function, what hormonal imbalances are, symptoms of hormonal imbalances, causes of hormonal balances and why it leads to weight gain. 

In section two, they teach you how to reset your hormones at any age 30+.

In section three, they give you the ancient herbal combinations that gave Debbie (and the others you’ve read about in the testimonials section) impressive body-slimming results and a balanced hormonal profile.

In section four, you get the hormone support tea guide, with a complete tea recipe guide that features ancient herbal remedies. You can enjoy these delicious teas whenever you like and they’ll balance your hormones and satisfy your bellies so well they can curb late night cravings, too. 

In section five, you get the ancient herbal recipe guide, complete with done-for-you recipes that you can plug n’ play from morning to night to easily and quickly balance your hormones and lose weight with ease. In this section you also get a complete 2-week meal plan so if you love having structure, you’ll want to flip to this section right away. All you have to do is follow along and watch the weight fall off!

In the last section, Debbie and Marissa provide you with lifestyle changes that you can choose to implement (if you’d like) to accelerate your path to a leaner, happier and healthier you. 

The Over 30 Hormone Solution 21-Day Quick Start Guide is the shorter version of the main book. You can get started with the program right away simply by opening this guide. It quickly explains and walks you through a 3-phase protocol to balance your hormones and drop weight and inches in just 3 weeks. You’ll have a sample meal plan for each of the 3 weeks that, if you stick to it, will give you the very best results.

The Advanced 60 Second Hormone Reset Flow is a guide to breathing techniques and yoga poses that reinvigorate your body, improve circulation and balance your hormones. Every move is gentle and body-friendly. Plus, you can do them in front of the television if you’d like. No need to get a gym membership or anything like that. 

BONUS: FREE Copy of 5 Minutes To Look Younger Anti-Aging Workout DVD. After purchasing the program you can send in for this free DVD which contains a group of gentle, 5-minute exercises that you can do to reverse aging from head to toe and look younger and sexier without having to leave your own bedroom to get in shape. 

All in all — there’s a ton of value inside the Over 30 Hormone Solution product bundle. It’s easy, effective and enjoyable. 

Debbie Asperjan Over 30 Hormone Solution Review

You can buy Over 30 Hormone Solution on sale by clicking this link.

Who is Over 30 Hormone Solution for?

Over 30 Hormone Solution is for women over 30 who want to lose weight and shrink their waist without starting a rigorous exercise program or boring, tasteless diet. It’s for women whose hormones are out of balance and it’s wreaking havoc on their bodies and lives… and they’re in search for a simple solution that can make them feel better. 

Whether you have 10 pounds or 100+ pounds to lose, are 30-70 years old, or just want to have a better balanced and happier mood — Over 30 Hormone Solution is for you.

Program Component Score: 9.5/10

Has Over 30 Hormone Solution Created Real World Results?


Maria is just one example of a woman who’s been impacted by Over 30 Hormone Solution. She lost 28 pounds in one month at 62 years old. 

She says, “This is great! I even got to save money on a gym membership because I don’t even have to go to the gym at once. I now have a flat belly and the energy of a 20 year old!”

Michelle lost 47 pounds and was able to get off her blood pressure and cholesterol medication. 

Ann says, “I really couldn’t believe how easy this solution was. I didn’t even have to leave my couch!”

And finally, Martha.

Martha lost almost 30 pounds at age 71. She didn’t sign up for a gym membership, exercise or start a calorie restriction diet. All she did was use the Over 30 Hormones Solution.

And here are Debbie Anderson’s results:

Over 30 Hormone Solution Review

Debbie says these are just a few of the thousands of amazing testimonials that have flooded her inbox since releasing Over 30 Hormone Solution.

Results Score: 9/10

Comparison to Other Programs

You’re probably reading this Over 30 Hormone Solution review to figure out if it’s the real deal. And I’m glad you’re doing your homework and want to compare it to some other programs for you. Obviously, this isn’t the first hormonal balance and quick fat loss solution you’ve ever heard of. But after seeing the results I’ve shared with you already, I’m willing to put it up against some that have made a splash in the health world. (And honestly, I think Over 30 Hormone Solution is easier than all the others I’ve seen):


If I had to choose a price I would pay to use Over 30 Hormone Solution, I think the maximum I would pay would be around $60-70.  

Don’t get me wrong, the program is simple, but it’s packed with powerful herbal recipes, done-for-you meal plans, lifestyle hacks, and all you could ever really need to balance your hormones and lose weight in a hurry. 

It’s not complicated, so make sure you don’t confuse “complicated information and programming” for value. What makes Over 30 Hormone Solution so valuable is that it’s simple yet powerful. You only need to follow what’s inside, enjoy these herbal remedies on a daily basis, and bingo, you’ll drop weight fast. 

So if you can get it for under $60-$70, definitely do it. As I’m writing this, there is a pre-release sale going on this page for only $37: Click Here to get Over 30 Hormone Solution on sale.

Price Score: 9/10

Final Thoughts

Over 30 Hormone Solution by Debbie and Marissa Anderson is a program for women who want to regulate their hormones and get leaner and healthier without making drastic changes to their lifestyle. It’s simple to use, has dozens of delicious recipes and, if you follow the program down to the letter, you’ll have no problem seeing exciting (even life-changing) results. 

The testimonials are impressive. I’ve even tried out some of these recipes for myself, and I have to admit, these Blue Zone herbal teas have become some of my favorite drinks to sip on. Especially when I’m relaxing at the end of the day and want to enjoy something that’ll help keep my midsection tight and satisfy my taste buds so I don’t raid the fridge later. 

All that’s left to do is try it out for yourself.

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Over 30 Hormone Solution Review
  • Author Credibility - 8/10
  • Component Score - 9.5/10
  • Results Score - 9/10
  • Price Score - 9/10